National Benchmark Test (NBT)

National Benchmark Test (NBT)

National Benchmark Test (NBT)

The University of Pretoria currently uses the NBT as part of the selection processes for programmes in Health Sciences. The NBT is compulsory for prospective students applying to the Faculty of Health Sciences and applicants to this faculty must write the NBT before or on 7 July in order to be considered for selection.

The NBT is also used in the admission processes of the extended programmes.

Please refer to the NBT website for the latest information about the test date and venues, registration procedure and payment options

About the Institutional Proficiency Test (NBT)

You should register for a test date at least a month prior to a test date. Seats are limited at venues. If you do not register and pay for the test(s) in advance, you will not be allowed to write on the test date. An applicant who writes AQL pays R 90.00, and an applicant who writes both Academic and Quantitative Literacy (AQL) and Mathematics (MAT) pays R 180.00.

You only write the Maths if Mathematics is a requirement for the programme(s) that you have applied for.

You need only write the tests once, even if you are applying to more than one university.  All universities to which you apply will be able to access your test results.  UP applicants are advised to write the tests between July and October.

Please note that all students for Health Sciences applying at the University of Pretoria should write the test(s) on or before 07 July 2024.

How long are the tests?

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The AQL test consists of seven sections. Each section is timed; some sections allow 25 minutes and some allow 30 minutes of writing time. The total writing time for the AQL is three hours and five minutes. No one is allowed to leave once the AQL test begins. The MAT test is also timed, with three hours of writing time allowed. There is a short break between the two tests.

What are the tests about?

For more details on the test(s), please visit the NBT website:

NBT Contact information

Tel: +27 (0)21 650 3523