South Cape College Courses

South Cape College Courses Programmes Offered At South Cape College South Cape College strives to provide high-quality education and training to help you equip yourself with the qualifications and skills you need to start out a chosen career path. You will gain invaluable life skills to meet the many challenges of the working world with … Read more

South Cape College Nated Courses

South Cape College Nated Courses Report 191 (Nated Courses) N1 – N3 Engineering Welding (N1 – N3) SUBJECTS Mathematics  (N1 – N3) Engineering Science  (N1 – N3) Engineering Drawing  (N1 – N3) Welding Theory  (N1 – N2) Mechanotechnology  (N3) Electrical (N1 – N3) SUBJECTS Mathematics  (N1 – N3) Industrial Electronics  (N1 – N3) Engineering Science  … Read more