Faculty honours its PhD graduates in style at doctoral celebration event


Faculty honours its PhD graduates in style at doctoral celebration event

19 April

The Faculty of Veterinary Science has reason to be proud as another 12 successful PhD graduates were awarded their doctoral degrees at the University of Pretoria’s autumn graduation ceremony, which forms part of the University’s autumn graduation programme held annually between 7 April and 10 May.

The successful candidates’ exceptional achievements were celebrated in style at the Faculty’s annual doctoral celebration event, which takes place a day before the graduation ceremony and has become a tradition since it was introduced in 2014. The newly graduated doctors represented three departments: six are from the Department of Paraclinical Sciences, five from the Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases and one from the Department of Production Animal Studies.

The Dean of the Faculty, Prof Darrell Abernethy welcomed the proud graduates, after which each was introduced by his or her supervisor. The graduates are listed below with the titles of their theses in brackets:

Dr Charles Byaruhanga (Epidemiology and tick-borne haemoparasite diversity amongst transhumant zebu cattle in Karamoja region, Uganda)

Dr Lizette Bekker (Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) urine as sample for biochemical and hormonal analyses)

Dr Ayesha Hassim (Distribution and molecular characterization of South African Bacillus anthracis strains and their associated bacteriophages)

Dr Leo Elisha (Biological activities of Cremaspora triflora (Rubiaceae) extract, fractions and isolated compound on selected fungi and bacteria and determination of the mode of action using electron microscopy)

Dr Kemi Iji (In vitro bioassays as tools for evaluating toxicity of acidic drainage from a coal mine in Mpumalanga, South Africa)

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Dr Camilla Mehtar (African horse sickness outbreak investigation and disease surveillance using molecular techniques)

Dr Alex Jambalang (Characterization and antimicrobial sensitivity of Salmonellae isolated from retailed hens’ eggs in Tshwane district, Gauteng Province, South Africa)

Dr Jacques van Rooyen (Livestock production and animal health management systems in communal farming areas at the wildlife-livestock interface in Southern Africa)

Dr Noluthando Netnou-Nkoana (Aspects of intellectual property protection in relation to seed crops, floriculture and medicinal plants, that may impact on policy and legislative development in South Africa)

Dr Katherine Scott (Improved stability of the foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) SAT2 capsid)

Dr Daniel Shuping (Development of an antifungal product from Melianthus comosus (Melianthaceae) that can be used to control plant fungal pathogens)

Dr Carolynne Joonè (in absentia) (Porcine zona pellucida immunocontraception in the mare: Clinical, endocrinological and immunological effects)

– Author Chris van Blerk

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