Get your smart access card


Get your smart access card

20 April

A campus wide email sent on 28 March communicated that the new access system implementation was underway. The new smart access cards will be issued to all staff, students and contractors in phases from 20 April .

To obtain a new smart access card your photo and fingerprints will need to be captured and therefore you have to acquire your access card in person. In order to provide a convenient service mobile stations will be visiting each campus.

Access card issuing will commence on the Hatfield campus from 20 April to 19 May . In addition to the Student Service Centre, two service points will be available, namely the Graduate Centre reception area and the shop located next to the Haloa coffee shop under the Engineering bridge.

Future updates will be sent to inform all staff, students and contractors as to where and when they can obtain their cards at the Prinshof, Groenkloof, Sports and Onderstepoort campuses.


Prof A Ströh



– Author Department of University Relations

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