Lecture on curriculum transformation on Monday 20 March


Lecture on curriculum transformation on Monday 20 March

17 March

Prof Jean Lubuma, Dean of NAS, cordially invites all colleagues to a general lecture on curriculum transformation organised by the Mathematical Sciences Cluster

Date: Monday 20 March

Time: 11:00 ‐ 12:30

Venue: Plant Sciences Auditorium

Topic: Towards STEM Curriculum Transformation in African universities

Speaker: Prof Overtoun Jenda, Auburm University, USA

Universities continuously review their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curricula to adjust to societal, industrial, and other needs.

The challenge is to balance between the need for curriculum transformation and the necessary requirement not to dilute curriculum standards and rigor; for the goal at the end of the day is to produce graduates that can relate to local societal and industrial needs while at the same time be well-prepared to meaningfully compete in the global scientific community. In this talk, we highlight reasons for undertaking curriculum transformation in African universities, and discuss possible ways of doing so without diluting the quality of existing STEM degree programmes, with particular reference to lessons learned from US universities.

Contact Prof Roumen Anguelov, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at 012 420 2874 or roumen.anguelov@up.ac.za.

Prof Jean Lubuma

Dean: Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

– Author Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

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