Marketing Professor receives NRF rating


Marketing Professor receives NRF rating

23 May

Prof Pierre Mostert of the Department of Marketing Management was honoured at the University of Pretoria’s Academic Achievers Awards, held on 9 May , for his National Research Foundation (NRF) rating. The purpose of this event was to congratulate academics on exceptional academic achievement in 2024. Prof Mostert’s C3-rating confirms that he is an established researcher with a sustained record of productivity in the marketing field who are recognised by his peers as having produced a body of quality work.
Prof Mostert (left) receiving his award from NRF CEO, Dr Molapo Qhobela

Prof Mostert’s research focuses on services marketing, relationship marketing and relationship intention. Research on organisation-customer relationships established that organisations want to build long-term relationships with customers because it leads to higher profits, a better competitive position, and a greater chance of success. His research contributes to the current debate by considering organisation-customer relationships from the customer’s perspective. Specifically, his research found that it is possible to identify groups of customers who want to reciprocate the relationship-building efforts of organisations by displaying higher levels of relationship intention. Based on these findings, his research also considered the influence of customer relationship intention on their relationships with organisations, following service failures in the service delivery process, as well as following organisations’ service recovery efforts to restore customer satisfaction.

Prof Mostert (middle) with his wife, Lauren Mostert (right) and Prof Yolanda Jordaan, Head of the Department of Marketing Management (left)

Prof Mostert’s current research focuses on a new field of relationship marketing, namely service brand avoidance. His future research will include determining the influence of organisations’ service recovery efforts following service failures on customers’ brand avoidance behaviour.

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Prof Mostert (left) receiving his award from NRF CEO, Dr Molapo Qhobela