New access card system at UP


New access card system at UP

24 May

In 2015 the University of Pretoria (UP) initiated a project for the upgrading of the outdated access card system. The first phase of the project was completed towards the end of 2024, and the second phase is now under way.

The new system will use dual verification, using the smart access card in conjunction with biometrics (fingerprint scanning). This will greatly improve security.

The new system is being installed and implemented in a phased manner according to a predefined schedule. The issuing of the new smart access cards began on 20 April and more than 34 000 cards have since been issued to staff, students and contractors. All staff, students and contractors are encouraged to obtain their smart access cards within the next two months. The Student Service Centre and temporary mobile stations provide a convenient service.

– Author Strategy Execution Office

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The Vice Chancellor and Principal of UP, Prof Cheryl de la Rey, receiving her new smart access card from Natasha Breytenbach, Manager at the Student Service Centre

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