Power supply interruptions: Hatfield Campus and Prinshof Campus


Power supply interruptions: Hatfield Campus and Prinshof Campus

19 April

Buildings affected: All buildings equipped with standby power generators

Dates: 2 – 4 May  

Please take note of planned interruptions of the power supply on the campuses and in the buildings mentioned above.

The interruptions are required to do mains failure tests to ensure that the standby power generators will operate correctly in the event of municipal power outages. Occupants of buildings will experience a power interruption of 60 seconds before and after the test. The specific dates and times when individual buildings will be affected, are given in the attached schedule.

Please complete all financial transactions ten minutes before the planned power interruptions.

Please leave electrical equipment switched on during tests.

We apologise for any inconvenience you may experience.    


Services Manager: Godfrey Rahlogo

Tel: 012 420 4226

Cell: 073 266 5967

Prof Susan Adendorff

Director: Facilities Management

– Author Corne Slabbert

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