Public Lecture: Reality through the eyes of modern scientific understanding


Public Lecture: Reality through the eyes of modern scientific understanding

3 April

Dr Christophe Galfard, a theoretical physicist who completed his PhD at Cambridge University under the supervision of the world-famous Stephen Hawking, will talk about the Universe as seen through the eyes of modern scientific understanding.

Date: Friday, 7 April  

Time: 17:15 to 18:15

Venue: Sci-Enza Auditorium, Hatfield Campus, University of Pretoria

RSVP:  by Wednesday, 5 April to (Please include full name and car registration number, required for secure access to campus.)

(Note: Please use the University Road entrance and drive to the Sci-Enza parking. See for directions and a map.)

For more information contact, Prof Walter Meyer at 082 785 8432.

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Until not so long ago we had to rely on our five senses to observe and understand the world around us, but today modern science tells us that there are billions of neutrinos passing through our bodies every second. Yet we feel or see nothing.

The talk is aimed at the general public of all ages and will make extensive use of images. The only prerequisite is is an interest in science.

Dr Galfard is the author of a top 10 bestselling book in France, Sweden and Spain: ‘The Universe in your hand’, and a sought-after public speaker. See He is visiting South Africa on the invitation of Willem and Makkie Joubert, keen promoters of the public understanding of science. The talk is organised by the Department of Physics, University of Pretoria and the S2A3.

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– Author Prof Walter Meyer

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