SpringBoard programme for first-year students


SpringBoard programme for first-year students

6 June

SpringBoard is a highly experiential three-day learning programme for first-year university students. Its purpose is to support students as they take the leap from school and adjust to the university context. It also seeks to inspire students through engagements with exciting role models, and to create new connections with other students on campus. The programme guides students through the anxiety of adjustment, to a place where they are empowered to embrace opportunities, which significantly enhances their university outcomes.

The programme will be presented in the Exhibition Space of the Engineering 1 Building on the Hatfield Campus of the University of Pretoria (UP) from Monday, 26 June to Wednesday, 28 June  – be prepared for three full days! 

SpringBoard graduates receive a certificate of participation and become part of the international Common Purpose alumni community.

The programme aims at assisting new students to:

  • adjust to the university context and to become more confident in availing themselves of the full spectrum of learning opportunities available;
  • acquire the cultural intelligence that will help them thrive in a very diverse university community;
  • become confident, street-smart and mutually supportive; and
  • broaden their horizons, through meeting with and learning from leaders from widely differing organisations in the city at large.

The approach

The programme is built on three key principles:

  • Diverse groups and issues

Participant groups are carefully and deliberately constructed to be diverse so that learning not only comes from exposure to new sectors, geographies and external leaders, but also from within the group. They gain new perspectives and insights through connecting with their peers and sharing their own personal leadership experiences and challenges.

  • Street-wise learning, not lectures
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Participants are exposed to places and situations that will inform their thinking and engage them in all aspects of society. Programme days take place in unique venues connected to the day’s theme, and participants go on visits to real working environments and interesting places on campus. Visits allow participants to gain a greater understanding of context, leadership challenges, and how power and influence operate within diverse organisations.

  • Real conversations with real leaders

Participants spend their time working with various stakeholders and senior leaders who make key decisions that affect society – people such as business executives, campaigners, community leaders and senior leaders in the public sector. These encounters open up minds on both sides – often in remarkable ways! 

– Author Office of the Vice-Principal: Academic

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