University of Pretoria Medical School Requirement




  • In order to register for a first bachelor’s degree at the University, a candidate should have completed the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or an equivalent qualification, and meet the minimum requirements for admission to bachelor’s degree study.
  • Candidates must also comply with the subject and level requirement as well as with the minimum Admission Point Score (APS) as indicated below.
  • Life Orientation is a 10-credit subject and is excluded from the calculation when determining the APS.

§  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University Executive decided not to use the NBT for selection and admission purposes for the 2021 intake. Students in the Faculty of Health Sciences will be considered based only on their NSC results (as indicated in the next bullet) and subject to available space.

  • Grade 11 results (English % + Mathematics % + Physical Science + next three best marks in recognised 20-credit subjects, excluding Life Orientation, Mathematical Literacy and Mathematics paper III/6) will count 100% in determining the Merit Point Score (MPS) of candidates for provisional selection (provided the minimum admission requirements are also met).
  • Grade 11 results are used in the provisional admission of prospective students.
  • The final NSC or equivalent qualification results will be the determining factor with regard to final admission of those offered provisional places or placed on a waiting list.
  • Applicants who are neither offered a provisional place nor are on the waiting list will not be reconsidered after the final NSC or equivalent qualification results are available.
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  Degree programmesEnglish Home Language or English First Additional Language  Mathematics  Physical Sciences  APS
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) 101300035 (60-69%)6 (70-79%)5 (60-69%)35


  • The Faculty of Health Sciences seeks to admit students with the academic credentials, which have been shown to predict for success.
  • Places are reserved in specific categories to ensure an equitable representation of demographically defined designated groups and to promote diversity. Selection thus takes place in different categories as indicated in the document.
  • For purposes of selection in the Faculty of Health Sciences, the “Designated Group” category includes South Africans of Black African or Coloured African descent. The “Open”

category refers to all applicants including applicants from the Designated Group who compete first in the Open category and then in the Designated Group category if unsuccessful in the Open category.

  • Target numbers are specified for all categories. Where insufficient applications are received from qualifying applicants in a certain category, the selection committee may decide not to fill all places or to fill the places from qualifying applicants in another category.
  • A limited number of places are made available to citizens from countries other than South Africa, with those from SADC countries being given preference. Permanent residents of RSA are not categorised as foreign students. Applications from citizens from countries other than South Africa may also be considered if they are:
    • citizens or permanent residents of countries which have relevant government to government agreements with South Africa
    • asylum seekers or refugees
  • Citizens from countries other than South Africa who do not comply with the conditions above may be considered if space is available.
  • Applications of citizens from countries other than South Africa, with medical schools are not considered.
  • The final number of places allocated to new applicants will be determined on an annual basis taking into account the teaching facilities and resources available and, where necessary, the number of places allocated to students repeating modules in the first year of study.
  • Only applicants who comply with the requirements set out in this document will be considered for selection. However, the achievement of the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission as only a limited number of students can be accommodated.
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Selection is based on merit. The faculty does not determine specific selection cut-off values for the different categories. Such

  • values are generated by the competing students within a particular category in relation to the number of places available.
  • Only first-choice applicants will be considered
  • The top candidates will be selected provisionally up to or surpassing the allocated number, based on experience of the expected number of acceptances. A waiting list is created from the group of candidates with the next highest scores. The length of the waiting list is determined by experience of the number of places likely to become available and to prevent creating unrealistic expectations.
  • All offers are provisional until the final exam results have been received. For applicants in the School leaver categories a provisional place will be confirmed as long as the NSC or equivalent scores does not fall by more than two points from the grade 11 APS score.
  • After the final NSC or equivalent qualification results are received, provisional offers will be confirmed if the applicant still meets the required criteria. The MPS of those on the waiting list will be recalculated using the NSC or equivalent qualification results and if places become available they will be made offers.
  • Places becoming available in any category after selection due to cancellation or forfeiture will be filled from the waiting list for the specific category.
  • This waiting list will remain active until the end of the second week after the start of lectures.
  • All successful candidates are admitted to the first year of study only. Registered students in the University Experienced categories may apply for credit for equivalent modules which they have completed.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered for selection and any false information provided by a student in his/her application will result in exclusion of the application.
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All offers are provisional until the final NSC or equivalent qualification results have been received. The provisional place of applicants will be confirmed as long as the NSC or equivalent qualification scores does not fall by more than two points from the Grade 11 APS score and still meets the

§  minimum admission requirements