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Welcome to the Department of Accounting

Welcome to the website of the Department of Accounting at the University of Pretoria. The business community, accounting profession and academic environment across the country holds the Department, with its highly qualified personnel and strong research links, in high esteem. It was founded in 1924 as the Department of Accounting and Auditing. The Department of Accounting is one of the largest residential university departments in South Africa, accommodating vast numbers of full-time students

The Department of Accounting is one of four departments in the field of financial sciences in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. Our vision is to be a leader in accounting education and research and to be recognised for academic excellence, social consciousness and high standards. To reward excellence, various prizes and awards are available.

The Department participates in a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the financial sciences and specific programmes and subject courses housed in the Department are the following:

Chartered Accountancy Programme

(Presented in English and Afrikaans)

BCom in Accounting Sciences – This degree forms part of the undergraduate academic route of becoming a chartered accountant.

BComHons in Accounting Sciences / CTA – On passing their honours degree and certificate, graduates are allowed to write the Initial Test of Competence (now called the ITC and formerly the Qualifying Exam (QE 1)) of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

MCom: Accounting Sciences – This master’s degree is presented with the involvement of renowned international accounting academics and focuses on the theoretical grounding of financial accounting and the acquisition of relevant research skills.

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DCom: Accounting Sciences – The doctoral programme involves the submission of a thesis in an accounting related topic.

Service Subject Courses

(Presented in English and Afrikaans)

Service subject courses from first to third year level refer to accounting as a subject course presented as part of the curricula of a vast range of other degrees housed in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences and other faculties.

The Department currently has a staff complement (academic and administrative) of 45. The majority of the academic personnel have professional financial qualifications, academic qualifications or a combination of the two. The personnel involved with the training of chartered accountants are all qualified chartered accountants with practical experience and this is evidenced by the excellent pass rates achieved in the ITC (formerly QE 1) over the last couple of years.

On behalf of myself and my colleagues at the Department of Accounting, I would like to welcome you to the programmes presented by the Department of Accounting during this year. With your consistent and continuous commitment to your studies and our support and guidance, you should be able to experience a successful and rewarding academic year.

Head of the Department of Accounting