UP MasterCard Foundation Scholars graduate with distinctions


UP MasterCard Foundation Scholars graduate with distinctions

10 May

Two University of Pretoria (UP) graduates from the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program graduated with an astounding number of distinctions this term. Jackline Muhanika received 30 distinctions over the course of her studies, while Revingstone Mwalugha received 17. Both students received BCom degrees.

The University of Pretoria has been a proud participant in the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program since 2012. This programme is designed to give young people from economically disadvantaged communities the opportunity to receive quality university education. UP’s 2024 cohort comprised 43 scholars from all over Africa.

Jackline Muhanika joined the programme through Equity Bank in Tanzania. When still in school, she completed a series of tests and was deemed an excellent student by the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. While at UP, Jackline overcame many obstacles. She was not familiar with some of the technology used, such as ClickUP, the university’s online learning platform, but with the help of her peers, she was able to master new skills. She also struggled with homesickness, but the welcoming UP environment soon felt like a home away from home. Since graduating with distinctions in 30 of the 33 modules she took at UP, Jackline has been working to complete her honours degree in economics at the University.

‘I joined the University of Pretoria through the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program in 2014. The programme changed my life as I would not have been able to afford to study in South Africa on my own,’ said Jackline. ‘Their financial and moral support are the reasons I achieved what I did in the last three years.’

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Revingstone Mwalugha is from Kenya, and is the oldest of five children raised by a single mother. He also joined the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program through Equity Bank. He was chosen because he was the top student in his county on the national secondary school exam in 2012. Since graduating from UP, Revingstone has been working for Equity Bank on a temporary basis while he applies for a visa to return and complete his honours degree next year.

‘These two students perfectly exemplify the type of young people that we want to support through the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program,’ says Prof Ana Naidoo, Deputy Director in the Department for Education Innovation at UP. ‘These students had the opportunity to receive an advanced education and are now poised to become leaders and inspire their communities, enacting real change.’

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is implemented by a global network of education institutions and non-profit organisations who believe that education is a catalyst for social and economic advancement.

– Author Department of University Relations

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