B Architectural Studies

B Architectural Studies

Architecture is a fully accredited SACAP professional degree. The design of buildings and their context in the built environment, as well as understanding the needs of the users who will occupy these buildings is taught in a studio environment. A strong History and Theory of Architecture component contextualises the development of architecture through the ages while Building Science and Theory of Structures teaches the realities of design from a scientific perspective. The architecture programme is supported by excellent studio facilities, the Barrie Biermann Architecture Library, Media Centre, computer LAN and Workshop.

B Architectural Studies Requirements

Please note that you are required to submit the following in order for your application to be considered for admission:

  • A portfolio of work as per the requirements
  • The questionnaire
  • Short essay about your “life thus far and intended future”
  • A still-life drawing composition A freehand perspective of a building;
  • Where an applicant has studied Technical Drawing, he/she may submit ONE drawing of an isometric, or an axonometric  view of a solid object in space;
  • One page Essay- Applicant’s reasons for wanting to study Architecture.

Academic Requirements

  • Applicants must also achieve a minimum of level 5 in pure mathematics and not maths literacy.
  • Academic performance score of at least 30 points excluding life orientation.

Other requirements

  • Completion of the attached questionnaire.
  • Your CAO reference number or UKZN student number must be on all your documents. All portfolios must be submitted by 31 October. Late applicants will be placed on a waiting list.

Your CAO reference number must be in all your documents.  The completed Portfolio, Questionnaire, and Short essay should be forwarded to:

Name Mrs NS Winfred
Designation Admissions Officer
Office Address Memorial Tower Building
Room G056
Telephone 031 2602094

Download and Complete the Questionnaire
Prospective applicants wishing to apply to any of this country’s six Schools of Architecture are normally requested to supply the University with a portfolio of work in order to assist the Academic Committee to make its selection.  Criteria tend to vary from one School to the next, and prospective applicants are reminded that those set out below are only applicable to Architecture, Planning & Housing at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.  Students wishing to apply elsewhere are requested to contact those Institutions directly.
School-leavers wishing to apply to study for the Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, are required to submit to the University, as part of its selection procedure, a Portfolio of original work.  This should include the following:

  • Compulsory Project.  This shall consist of a self-portrait of the applicant, rendered in any style or medium they may wish to use.  The emphasis here should be upon the vision or image that the applicant has of himself or herself, and not upon a strict academic or neo-photographic likeness.
  • Additional Projects.  In addition, applicants are required to submit a minimum of TWO off the following:

    • Where an applicant has had prior experience working in an office, he/she may submit ONE architectural presentation drawing;
    • Where an applicant has studied Technical Drawing, he/she may submit ONE drawing of an isometric, or an axonometric perspective, or of a solid object in space;
    • A still-life composition;
    • A drawing of a human figure;
    • A freehand perspective of a building;
    • A poster advertising their favorite soft-drink, in colour, and in a portrait format;
    • A copy of any drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, or any other acknowledged Renaissance artist;
    • The design of a postage stamp, done to a size of 225 x 130mm, on A3 paper;
    • An abstract design, using black and a maximum of three primary colours, being red, yellow and blue;
    • A black-and-white photograph of any subject matter chosen by the applicant;
    • A statement of “self” or the applicant’s personal philosophy, preferably rendered as a poster or used as a front cover to the portfolio.
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A letter of Certification must accompany each portfolio, attesting to the fact that the material submitted is the original work of the applicant concerned.  This may be written by the applicant’s Teacher, Vocational Councilor, School Principal or Art Teacher.
Unless otherwise indicated, projects may be done in any style or medium, subject to the applicant’s own preferences, and may depict any subject matter they choose, subject to the country’s laws on pornography or hate-speech.  In matters of creativity, applicants should be allowed to express their individuality and free choice.
For reasons of practicality and administration, all work MUST be done on A3 size paper of appropriate colour, preferably white, in either a portrait or landscape format.  It must be contained in an appropriate folder or flip-file, preferably with a well-designed cover.  Any charcoal or soft-pencil drawings must be properly fixed.  No computer work will be considered.
Applicants are specifically discouraged from submitting voluminous portfolios, rolls of drawings framed art works, or work which specifically does not comply with the requirements.  In such cases the School may refuse to accept the application, and will not be held liable for the return, safety or treatment of such material.

 1. National Senior Certificate or Senior Certificate

1.1 Applicants to undergraduate degree programmes must be in possession of a National Senior Certificate for Degree Studies (NSC-Deg) or a Senior Certificate with endorsement.
1.2 Applicants to undergraduate diploma programmes must be in possession of a National Senior Certificate for Diploma studies (NSC-Dip) or Senior Certificate.

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 2. Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction at UKZN is English,  and UKZN requires a pass in English (Home Language or First Additional Language (FAL)) at Level 4 (50% or above) but note that the College of Law requires a pass in English Home language at Level 5 or English as FAL on Level 6.  For admission to Diplomas or Alternative Access programmes a lower performance in English may be acceptable. In the Senior Certificate a pass for English at First or Second Language HG E is required.

 3. Life Orientation

UKZN degree programmes require a pass in Life orientation at Level 4.  Access Programmes may consider a pass at Level 3.

 4. Minimum Composite Academic Performance Score

(NSC-Deg and Senior Certificate)
Each programme has determined a minimum composite Academic Performance Score required for admission to the programme. This is however the minimum score required for consideration and learners just meeting this minimum cannot be assured of admission.  Applicants to programmes are ranked according to APS and selection is done from the top down until the number of places available in the specific programme is filled. Competition for places is high and it is unlikely that applicants not meeting the APS for a specific programme will be considered.

5. Subject requirements and Levels of Performance

In addition subject requirements and minimum Levels of performance in specific subjects are set for admission to UKZN programmes.  Applicants who did not include the correct subjects in their NSC-Deg or who did not obtain the required level of performance in specific subjects required for admission to a programme,  will not be considered.

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Programme Programme Code Entry Requirements Points Duration
B Soc Sc Housing KN-H-SOR NSC-Deg with Engl & LO 4 & one of: Bus Stud, Cons Stud, Dram Arts, Econ, Geog, Hist, Info Tech, Life Sci, Maths Lit, Music, Religion Stud, Vis Arts, any lang HL/FAL 5 48-28 3 Years
B Community & Development Studies KN-H-BDS 48-28 3 Years

B Architectural Studies  Bachelor

Bachelor of Architectural Studies The Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree is a three year programme that provides a strong academic and practical foundation for students in both their yearlong internship in an architectural firm and their Masters in Architecture degree that is to follow thereafter. The studio is the core of our student’s practical learning and is supported and enhanced by key theoretical modules such as theory, history and technology. It is in this well-equipped studio environment that students are mentored by professional architects and academics to realise their creative potential. The first year introduces students to the principles of architecture from an anthropometric perspective, the second year introduces further social and environmental influences on architecture and the final year prepares students for their internship.

B Architectural Studies Masters in Architecture

Masters in Architecture The Master in Architecture degree is a two year programme. It is expected in post graduate studies that students take initiative in developing their own design schemes based on their research. Through this process they learn about the broader context within which architecture situates itself and in so doing develop urban design and community engagement skills. Learning from others outside of the discipline is encouraged academically by students taking electives from other disciplines and through learning from interacting with established communities with real issues within the city of Durban. In order to register as professional Architect with the South African Council of Architects you need to have completed your Masters in Architecture and passed your board exam. The master’s selection process is rigorous and only those that meet minimum requirements will be eligible for application. The requirements are a 60% average for the Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree and minimum one year internship in an architectural office.

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