University of Kwazulu-Natal Courses

University of Kwazulu-Natal Courses Alternative Access Programme University of Kwazulu-Natal Courses Many prospective students come from schools that have not equipped them for admission to university in that they do not obtain the required point scores for admission to specific programmes.  The University has developed innovative alternative access programmes to identify candidates who have the … Read more

Regenesys Business School Degrees

Regenesys Business School Degrees Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) develops vital administrative and management skills expected by global organisations, preparing you for employment in junior, supervisory and management positions. The BBA teaches you how to master numbers and manage yourself and others – essential ingredients in improving a company’s … Read more


BDiv UP This programme provides theological training and formation aimed at the needs of churches. It comprises two aspects, namely a general denominational aspect and a specific denominational aspect. The structure of the programme is determined by a balance between the (1) Biblical scientific dimensions, (2) historical and systematic theology and (3) applied dimensions in … Read more

BEngHons Electronic Engineering

  BEngHons Electronic Engineering Programme Information All fields of study of the BEng degree have been accredited by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), and comply with the academic requirements for registration as a professional engineer. The programmes are designed in accordance with the outcomes-based model as required by the South African Qualifications Authority … Read more

BISHons Information Science

BISHons Information Science Admission Requirements Any person who wishes to register at the University for the first time, or after an interruption of studies, should apply or reapply for admission. Application for admission to all programmes closes on 30 September. BIS in Information Science, Information and Knowledge Management, Library Science or an equivalent degree. A … Read more

BEdHons Technology Education

  BEdHons Technology Education Admission Requirements A candidate can be admitted if he/she holds one of the following qualifications: • a Bachelor’s degree and a teacher’s diploma/Postgraduate Certificate in Education (eg BA + HED); or • a four year composite degree in Education (eg BEd, BAEd); or • an M+4 appropriate teacher’s diploma, subject to … Read more

Walter Sisulu University Civil Engineering

Walter Sisulu University Civil Engineering SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING The departmen of civil engineering also encourages students and staff to become members of the various professional and institutional bodies. While studying towards the diploma qualification, students are encouraged to join various institutions and professional bodies. More information is available from the Head of Department. Students are … Read more

BCom Marketing Management UP

BCom Marketing Management UP Programme Information This field of specialisation has as its aim the provision of a theoretical foundation of marketing principles complemented by practical projects. The student will be able to combine practice with theory through integration and application. BCom Marketing Management UP Admission Requirements The following persons will be considered for admission: a candidate … Read more

BEngHons Control Engineering

  BEngHons Control Engineering Programme Information The curriculum is determined in consultation with the relevant heads of departments. A student is required to pass modules to the value of at least 128 credits. The degree is awarded on the basis of examinations only. Admission Requirements Subject to the stipulations of Reg. G.1.3 and G.54, a … Read more

BSc Real Estate UP

BSc Real Estate UP BSc REAL ESTATE (three-year programme) Real Estate is the study of fixed property and related aspects such as property economics, development, management, valuation, financing, investment and marketing. Worldwide, real estate is becoming one of the major components of the economy. Real estate studies are the study of real estate and related … Read more