B Laws

B Laws full time

This undergraduate degree provides an excellent foundation for a wide range of career options. It is also a professional qualification which is an essential requirement for those who wish to practice law in South Africa.
Duration: 4 years (full time)
Entrance Requirements for the LLB degree are:
•    A National Senior Certificate with degree admission.
•    English Home Language level 5 or English First Additional Language level 6.
•    Mathematical Literacy level 5 or Mathematics level 3.
•    Life Orientation level 4.
•    Minimum composite Academic Point Score (APS) 32 not including Life Orientation.


B Laws   : Part-time

The School of Law at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) offers an exciting opportunity to study for the undergraduate Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB) on a part-time basis. This provides a flexible option for individuals who are holding full-time jobs. It is also attractive to individuals who are in a position to attend evening lectures only. The part-time LLB Programme is available on the Howard College and Pietermaritzburg campuses.
The LLB degree is a gateway to a wide range of career options. Virtually every institution of any significance operating in the economy today, public or private, national or international, employs legally qualified staff at various levels and in several capacities. In addition to careers within the legal profession itself, the LLB degree is the ideal foundation for someone intent on a career in top management, whether in business, government, politics, or in a range of other areas.
UKZN’s LLB degree offers a path to a truly global career in a wide range of interesting fields, such as Maritime Law, Environmental Law, Trademark and Patent Law, Constitutional Law, Labour Law, International Trade Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, Family Law, and many others.
Lectures are usually held on Mondays to Thursdays, from 17h15 to 21h00.
For more information contact the School of Law on 031 260 3301 or 033 260 5739 during office hours or email us at dbnlaw@ukzn.ac.za or pmblaw@ukzn.ac.za

B LawsPostgraduate Programmes


Welcome to the School of Law at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). The School of Law falls within the College of Law and Management Studies and operates on both the Howard College and Pietermaritzburg Campuses. The School is currently being led by Professor Managay Reddi as Dean and Head of School.

We offer a number of LLM programmes that can be taken over one year (full time) or two years (part-time). These programmes are designed to develop and enhance skills in legal research and writing as well as academic knowledge in the chosen sphere of expertise. They are all taught by experts in these particular fields and will result in a general rounding-off of a legal education irrespective of whether candidates have recently graduated or have been pursuing careers in various fields of law over the years.
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B Laws contact

Howard College campus:
Mr Stembiso Khanyeza
Tel: 031-260 2151
Fax: 031-260 2880
Email: DbnLaw@ukzn.ac.za
Pietermaritzburg campus:
Ms Norma Mbatha
Tel: 033-260 5739
Fax: 033-260 5909
Email: PmbLaw@ukzn.ac.za