B Physiotherapy

B Physiotherapy

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The Physiotherapy programme was established in 1979 at the former University of Durban Westville and King Edward VIII hospital. Some of the courses eg. Anatomy and Physiology were conducted at the Medical school. With the establishment of the Anatomy and Physiology departments in the early 1980s at the Westville campus, the physiotherapy department was relocated to the Westville campus. Clinical practice however is still conducted at the provincial hospitals.
The programme articulates with and overlaps with other Health Sciences programs nationally and internationally based on the practice and techniques of physiotherapy. Due to the limited advancement and financial remuneration in the public sector many physiotherapists opt to work in private practice or private hospitals thus leaving a vacuum in the public sector. However the introduction of compulsory community service has alleviated some of the staffing issues regarding physiotherapists in public hospitals. This is not unique to the province of KwaZulu-Natal but is a national problem in South Africa.
In 2012 the department of Physiotherapy underwent significant improvements to the infrastructure, lecture/clinical venues and clinical/practical equipment. In 2013, the department received full accreditation from the Health Professionals Council of South Africa for the next 5 years.

B Physiotherapy

Admission Requirements

Students who matriculated in 2007 and before: A matric exemption with a minimum of 36 matriculation points.
Students who matriculated from 2008: APS score of 30, with NSC subjects English (HL/FAL), LO 4, Mathematics, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences all at level 4.
Only students applying for Physiotherapy as first choice will be considered.
Students who do not meet the above requirements can enrol into the Science Foundation Programme or complete one year BSc provided they pass Psychology, Physics and Biology during that year. Students can re-apply the following year for a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree.
Application forms for admission into the University are obtainable from the Central Applications Office (CAO) .
Admission requirements are subject to change. Please call +27 31 2607933 for more enquiries on the application process into the Physiotherapy programme.

The undergraduate physiotherapy degree at UKZN includes the following modules:
First Year
Physiotherapy modules: Introduction to Physiotherapy Science and Electrotherapy for Physiotherapy
External Modules: Biology, Physics, Psychology, Zulu (for non-isiZulu speakers), Academic Writing (for isiZulu-speakers)
Second Year
Physiotherapy modules: Kinesiology for Physiotherapy, Massage and Manipulation, Neurology and Community Physiotherapy
External Modules: Human Physiology and Anatomy (Head, neck, trunk, limbs and embryology)
Third Year
Physiotherapy modules: Principles of Physiotherapy Practice, Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy Clinical Practice (4 hospital/community sites)
External Modules: Clinical Sciences for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
Fourth Year
Physiotherapy modules: Principles of Physiotherapy, Clinical Elective, Physiotherapy Research, Physiotherapy Clinical Practice (4 hospital/community sites)
External Modules: Clinical Sciences for Physiotherapy.

Academic Admission Officers

Chetty Vanessa
Email: chettyv3@ukzn.ac.za
Phone: 031 260 8833
Hlongwa Nokuthula
Email: hlongwan@ukzn.ac.za
Phone: 031 260 7560 
Teaching Administration
Mrs Pam Singh
E-mail singhde@ukzn.ac.za  
Tel: 0312608977
Clinical Administration
Mrs Predeshni Govender
E-mail: govenderpr@ukzn.ac.za  
Tel: 0312608966