AAT is the professional body for Accounting Technicians. It was established in the UK in 1980 and is sponsored by the four major chartered accountancy bodies in the UK. In the 24 years since AAT was founded, the AAT qualification has become known and recognised in most parts of the world, so much so that AAT now has over 92 000 members and students worldwide. Since 2001, the Botswana Institute of Accountants (BIA) has developed with the AAT, a Botswana variant of the AAT. Students who achieve graduate status automatically qualify to be a member of the AAT. The qualification process involves a combination of central assessments (exams) and devolved assessment(continuous workplace assessment or simulations).

There are three levels:
1. Certificate
2. Advanced Certificate
3. Higher Advanced Certificate

Membership of the AAT qualifies you as a licentiate of the Botswana Institute of Accounts.

What type of AAT courses does BAC run?
Evening classes Six-month evening classes for Certificate. Starting in January and July each year.
Six-month evening classes for Advanced Certificate starting in January and July each year.
Twelve-month evening classes for the Technician level starting in January and July each year.
Day time AAT courses Six-month Day time course for Certificate and Advanced Certificate.
Day time courses for Certificate and Advanced Certificate levels are offered twice a year starting in January and July leading to the devolved and central assessments in June and December. The courses require five months of fulltime attendance at BAC.
Day time courses for the Higher Advanced Certificate level run for nine months starting in January and July each year. The Higher Advanced Certificate level course involves attending BAC for two days a week, working towards central assessments and devolved assessments and three days work placement for work on a project (details of all course dates can be found elsewhere in this pamphlet).

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Entry requirements (AAT courses in general):
To enroll for an AAT course at BAC, an applicant must first be a registered student of AAT, or demonstrate their eligibility to register as a studentof AAT; and Submit a completed acceptance form indicating an employer or sponsor who has agreed to be responsible for the payment of course fees. In general, BAC will only consider students with grade B or better at BGCSE or equivalent qualification.

Candidates must have one of the following subject combinations to be considered for the Day time Certificate:
English | Maths
English | Accounts
Commerce | Maths
Commerce | Accounts

Candidates who wish to be considered for Advanced Certificate and Higher Advanced Certificate levels musthave complete set of results at the time of submitting applications.
Please note! We will not accept certificates and or transcripts after applications window closure.