BAdmin Public Administration UP

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BAdmin Public Administration UP

Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
Duration of study: 3 years
Total credits: 362

BAdmin Public Administration UP

Programme Information

Formal selection takes place and work experience is required.

The option is directed towards the candidates already active within the field of public administration. Candidates from national, provincial and local spheres of government will obtain entry into the programme. Candidates will gain in-depth knowledge of the administrative and management functions, from a South African and comparative perspective. Emphasis is placed on the three spheres of government with reference to aspects such as public resources management, policy studies, public sector ethics, organisation studies and the role of the state.

BAdmin Public Administration UP

Admission Requirements

  • National Senior Certificate with admission to degree studies
  • Departmental Selection
  • Three years’ working experience

BAdmin Public Administration UP

Other programme-specific information

Note: See the alphabetical list of modules for prerequisites of all modules.

Specialisation modules: PAD 312, 322

“Major subject”
To be considered a “major subject” the equivalent of four 14-week modules, including two at 300-level, must be passed provided that:

  • the following modules which are offered at 300-level only, are also considered “major subjects”: Labour law 311 (ABR 311), Labour relations 320 (ABV 320), and International business management 359 and 369 (OBS 359 and 369);
  • only two 14-week modules, or the equivalent thereof, that are not preceded by the 100- and  200-level modules, may be taken for degree purposes. In other words, at least four 14-week modules must be taken at 300-level that are preceded by the 100- and 200-level, except for modules offered on 200- and 300-level only.
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BAdmin Public Administration UP

Faculty Enquiries
Economic and Management Sciences  Ignatius Dire  +27 (0)12 420 5278

Alta Erasmus +27 (0) 12 420 3062