BEng Computer Engineering UP

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BEng Computer Engineering UP

It entails the combined fields of information and communication technology (IT and ICT) and includes computer systems, software engineering and telecommunication systems. Equipment delt with includes microprocessors, computers, computer networks, computer network equipment, transmitters, receivers and optical fibres. The principles dealt with include the basic engineering sciences and also subjects such as computer programming, operating systems, the Internet, teletraffic engineering, data security, and signal processing. All systems comprising the design, installation, commissioning and management of systems comprising the Information Superhighway form part of Computer Engineering.

More About The Department
The School of Engineering falls within the top 1% in the world. Within South Africa, UP has the top engineering school/institution. On the world list for Engineering Schools UP is ranked 578 (up 23 places from 2011) of 1267. When comparing countries, South Africa is ranked 45 of 97. (This information is based on Thomson ISI Essential Science Indicators, using citations and not the amount of papers)

BEng Computer Engineering UP

Technological development, as well as its applications and management, is essential for the creation of wealth in any country. Here, at the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering at TUKS, we are extremely well equipped to provide prospective engineers with the necessary training and knowledge to enable them to make a meaningful contribution in this area. Not only is the Department the biggest in the country, it also offers the largest number of specialisation fields. The Department has unique ties with industry and one of the advantages this holds for our students is the fact that they are in demand; not only in the local market, but internationally as well.

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BEng Computer Engineering UP

Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
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