BIS Multimedia UP

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BIS Multimedia UP

What does the degree entail?
Modern information technology offers the possibility of information products being designed and created comprising various types of media over and above the traditional text medium. Information technology is therefore converging various previously separate traditional media. There is not a single discipline that handles the combination of information products. The Multimedia qualification in the Department of Information Science addresses this shortcoming. Any type of institution in all economic spheres, including government, may profit from a multimedia approach to information design, organization and retrieval.
Multimedia documents include text, graphics, sound, video and animation. The purpose of this qualification is to enable students to understand the necessary concepts to build multimedia products and maintain the products. This programme is therefore a combination of theory and practice.
The explosion of the Web, as well as the exponential growth and power of information technology requires the introduction of this degree following international trends. The qualification is a new field of study not offered at other local universities.

BIS Multimedia UP

Admission requirements for candidates with a National Senior Certificate
To obtain admission to this degree programme, a candidate should have obtained the following:
(a)  a valid National Senior Certificate with admission for degree purposes; and
(b)  a minimum APS of 30 in the final Grade 12 examinations; and
(c)  compliance with the NSC minimum requirements; additionally one of these languages must be Afrikaans or English at level 4 (50%-59%); and
(d)  at least level 5 (60-69%) in Mathematics.
Duration of study
Students registering for a three-year degree, must complete the degree in a maximum of five years.
BIS specialising in MULTIMEDIA
(Code 12131005)
Mr K de Beer
IT Building 6-61
Tel.: +27 12 420 2833

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“Breathe life into technology”

Is Multimedia for you?

  • Do you like to work with a computer?
  • Do you like programming? (Very important!!!)
  • Are you interested in creating websites for the corporate environment or computer games?
  • Do you want to learn how to create moving graphics and animation?

BIS Multimedia UP

With this degree you can:

  • mark up documents in HTML and XML;
  • design, build and publish websites;
  • become a member of a multimedia production team;
  • create games and animations;
  • build user-friendly computer interfaces;
  • create media, e.g. graphics, video and sound for the web;
  • build 3D worlds;
  • programme in various programming languages.

Job opportunities
With the convergence of many traditional communication media such as paper publications, television, radio, phone technologies and the advent of all kinds of new devices that enable connection with information sources such as the Web, there is a global shortage of content producers. The BIS Multimedia degree prepares you to get a job with any of these dynamic content producers. You can also become a hardcore coder and work for a programming company. You can develop skills in your particular area of interest: digital music or video, programming, graphic development, games development, Web development, etc. You may work in these industries: telecommunications, broadcasting, publishing and Internet content service providers, in short, at any institution that communicates information in multimedia.