coastal college courses offered

coastal college courses offered

National Certificate Vocational (NCV)

Have you passed Grade 9? Have you decided which career path to follow?

Don’t miss this opportunity enroll for NCV Programme and start studying for your career.

What is National Certificate Vocational (NCV)?
The National Certificate Vocational (NCV) is a new and modern qualification offered at FET Colleges since January 2007.
It is offered at Levels 2, 3 and 4 of the National Qualifications Framework which are equivalent to Grades 10, 11 and 12.
National Certificate Vocational (NCV) is one of the high skills, high quality and high knowledge programmes that provides experience of the workplaceenvironment and is intended to directly respond to the priority skills demand of the modern economy. This qualification will also provide an opportunity to enter higher education studies subject to appropriate subject combination.
What are the minimum entry requirements to the qualification?
A pass in Grade 9 or equivalent qualification.
How long is the Qualification?
NCV is a three year qualification offered at Levels 2, 3 and 4. Each level takes a full year of study. A student is issued with a certificate on the successful completion of each level of study.
Which subjects make up a NCV?
A s student is required to take 7 subjects for each level
a. 3 Fundamental Subjects (Level 2 – 4)

  • Language
  • Life Orientation
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

b. 4 Vocational Subjects (Level 2 – 4)
We offer the following NCV Programmes:

Business Studies

  • NCV: Finance, Economics and Accounting
  • NCV: Marketing
  • NCV: Management
  • NCV: Office Administration
  • NCV: Information Technology and Computer Science

Engineering Studies

  • NCV: Civil Engineering & Building Construction (Masonry/Plumbing/Carpentry)
  • NCV: Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  • NCV: Engineering and Related Design (Automotive/Fabrication/Fitter and Turner)

General Studies

  • NCV: Education and Development
  • NCV: Hospitality
  • NCV: Primary Agriculture
  • NCV: Tourism
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Nated (Report 191) – coastal college courses offered

NATED programmes are delivered under the auspices of the Department of Higher Education and Training and quality assured by Umalusi. These programmes are offered in both Engineering and Business Studies. Engineering is offered as trimester courses (3 months per level) and Business Studies as semester courses (6 months per level).
NOTE: A National Diploma (M+3) qualification is awarded to students who have completed their N6 in a specific field and have completed a relevant 24 month in-service training with the organization of their choice.
• Engineering Studies
Entry requirement: N3 or Grade 12 with Maths and Physical Science as a passed subject,
Registration: January, May & September.
• Business Studies
Entry requirement: N3 or Grade 12
Registration: January & July.

We offer the following Nated (Report 191) Programmes:

Business Studies N4 – N6

  • Nated: Financial Management
  • Nated: Human Resource Management
  • Nated: Management Assistant
  • Nated: Marketing Management
  • Nated: Public Management
  • Nated: Tourism

Engineering Studies N1 – N6

  • Nated: Civil Engineering
  • Nated: Electrical Engineering
  • Nated: Mechanical Engineering
  • Nated: Multi Disciplinary Drawing Office Practice / Draughting

Skills Training- coastal college courses offered

We also offer a range of skills programmes.
These programmes are mainly practical based andcertification is done by the college unless otherwise specified.
Skills Programmes:











Computer Studies

Cabinet Making


Welding / Boilermaking

Fitting & Machining





Motor Mechanics

Know Your Car

Tool, Jig and Die Making

Printing & Silkscreen

Hairdressing (Diploma City & Guilds)
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