Accounting courses NWU

Qualifications and Courses
B.Com Degree Chartered Accountancy NWU
Extended B.Com Degree Chartered Accountancy NWU
B.Com Degree Financial Accountancy NWU
Extended B.Com Degree Financial Accountancy NWU
B.Com Honours Financial Accountancy NWU

Management Science courses NWU

Industrial Psychology NWU
Management NWU
Public Administration NWU

Economic and Decision Science NWU

The following qualifications (programmes) involving coursework are offered in the School:
Undergaduate Programmes
Bachelor’s Degrees in:
•  Economics NWU
•  Information Systems NWU
•  Operations Research NWU
•  Statistics NWU
•  Transport Economics NWU
•  Logistics Management NWU
Post-graduate Programmes
Honours Degrees in:
•  Applied Economics NWU
•  Economics NWU
•  Information Systems NWU
•  Operations Research NWU
•  Statistics NWU
Masters Degrees in:
•  Information Systems NWU
•  Economics NWU
•  Operations Research NWU
•  Statistics NWU


The following certificate programmes in Management Development are on offer:
•  Certificate in Training Management NWU (duration 8 days)
•  Essentials of Finance for Non-Financial Managers NWU (duration 6 days)
•  Computer Literacy Training Programme NWU (duration 5 days)
•  Advanced Computer Skills Training Programme NWU (duration 12 days)
•  End-User Computing Programme NWU (duration 12 days)
•  PC Support (Hardware & Software) NWU duration 24 days)
•  Certificate in Entrepreneurship Skills NWU (duration 10 days)

Municipal Leadership Training Academy (MULTA)

Municipal Leadership Training Academy (MULTA)
The Academy offers the following short courses to municipalities:
•  Local governance and management NWU
•  Financial management, discipline and control NWU
•  Budget preparation and control NWU
•  Customer service delivery and public relations NWU
•  Performance management in local authorities NWU
•  Strategic management in local authorities NWU
•  Potential of municipal service partnerships NWU
•  Entrepreneurship skills development within local authorities NWU
•  Integrated development planning NWU
•  Land utilization management NWU
MULTA also offers the following programmes and certificates:
•  Housing Policy and Management Programme NWU
•  Certificate in Local Economic Development NWU
•  Certificate in Municipal Finance Management NWU
•  Certificate in Municipal Service Partnership NWU
These programmes and certificates are being offered in association with the Department of Developmental Local Government & Housing (DDLG&H) and the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) in North-West.

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