The Bachelors degree awarded in the Faculty of Engineering is recognized by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). This means that our graduates are entitled to register as professional engineers (PrEng) (in terms of the Engineering Profession Act, Act nr 46 of 2000).
International Accreditation
A BEng degree obtained at the NWU Faculty of Engineering also entitles you to register as a professional engineer in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Hong Kong.
Entry Requirements
To qualify for this course you need the following:
Mathematics: At least 70%
Science: At least 60%
APS count: At least 31—calculate your APS count here
Exemption: Full matric exemption
Language: At least 60% for first or second language
Engineering Test Pass our engineering test

 F.Engineering    Schools

We focus on developing engineers who have the competencies to function in multi-disciplinary teams and the versatility to adapt to a range of high tech engineering problems. They use the full spectrum of knowledge and techniques in their chosen disciplines to solve engineering problems and present pioneering, workable solutions. Our operations are carried out within three schools, each with their own Director and Programme managers.

Chemical and Minerals Engineering

Research Areas:
Fossil Energy
Bio Energy
Hydrogen Energy
Energy Management

Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering

Research Areas

  • Data Networks
  • Intelligent Logistics Systems
  • Smart Grid
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
  • Energy Management

Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Research Areas

  • Sail Plane Design and Manufacturing
  • Thorium Research Group
  • Vibration and Vibration Analysis Modelling
  • Bio Beneficiation
  • Energy Systems Group
  • Coal Combustion and Efficiency
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Mining and Agriculture
  • Techno-Economic studies
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 F.Engineering  Courses

We prepare individuals for the following engineering disciplines:
Undergraduate Courses:
•  Chemical and Minerals Engineering
•  Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
•  Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
Post-graduate Courses (Masters’ and Doctoral Level):
•  Nuclear Engineering
•  Engineering Management
•  Bio-medical Engineering
•  Chemical and Minerals Engineering
•  Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
•  Mechanical Engineering

 F.Engineering Contact

Postal Address:
Private Bag X6001
Potchefstroom Campus
North-West University
Physical Address:
Building N1, Calderbank Avenue
Potchefstroom Campus
North-West University
General Contact: 018 299 1533
Prospective Undergraduate Students and Engineering Holiday School: 018 299 1665
Prospective Post Graduate Students: 018 299 4020
Research: 018 299 4078
Admission Requirements: 018 299 4154
Selection Test: 018 299 1318
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