Many people think that you need nothing more than people skills to succeed in the hospitality and tourism industries. While a friendly and outgoing nature certainly is necessary, one also needs to be diplomatic and accurate. You cannot afford to get bookings or trips wrong, and must be able to keep your composure during stressful situations.
If you tick all the boxes, and you have a keen interest in destinations both locally and abroad, why not enrol for one of our hospitality courses? Pick from Travel and Tourism, Hotel and Catering Operations and Hospitality Management or qualify as a Tourism Reservations and Front-of-House Officer. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to apply for positions at game reserves, hotels, guest houses, bed-and-breakfast establishments, holiday resorts and even restaurants.
Enquire about our hospitality and events management courses today to get your career in the hospitality and leisure industries started.

Diploma in Event Management

The Event Planner

Travel and Tourism Operations

Hotel and Catering Operations

Hospitality Management

Reservations & Front-Of-House Officer

Booking Agent


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