SBL Short learning programmes

SBL Short learning programmes

APM – Advanced Project Management Programme

Provides organisations with skilled, professional, results – orientated managers who understand all of the functions of management as well as being able to execute projects on time, within budget, whilst meeting expectations.

EDP – Executive Development Programme

Develops executives to manage and lead organisations in strategic decision making at corporate level in a global context.

FMP – Fundamental Management Programme

Equips entry-level managers with theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills that enable them to handle fundamental management aspects and to be team leaders in rapidly changing organizations.

LFI – Leading for Innovation

After completing this programmes, senior managers in the public and private sector should be able to create an environment conducive to innovation and to identify opportunities for innovation in their organisations.

MDP – Management Development Programme

Equips middle managers with the means to become effective team players pursuing the goals of excellence within their own organisations.

MDPSO – Management Development Programme for Standardisation in Organisations

The programme on standardisation will increase participants’ awareness of the nature, impact and benefits of standards to markets and society, improving the ability to contribute to company performance and public welfare.

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PPM – Practical Project Management Programme

Provides companies and other organisations with professional  project managers, suitably equipped with hands-on skills.

PASM – Programme in Advanced Strategic Management

Equips students with advanced knowledge, skills and attitudes in strategic management, with specific focus on strategic management in the multi-business corporations.

SHRM – Strategic Human Resource Management Programme

Provides companies and other organisations with professional  human resource managers, suitably equipped with hands-on skills.

STBL – Strategic Thinking for Business Leaders

After completing this programme, participating business leaders should be able to contribute significantly to the conversation on how to improve business performance at the highest levels of their organisations, and will be able to contribute significantly to improving the quality of strategic decision-making.

SCEM – Short Course for Emerging Managers

Persons who want to pursue a career in managment, nead to learn basic management skills before they develop themselves further.  This programme provides the foundational skills that all other management development  could be based on.

CLP – Coaching for Leaders Programme

Managers aspiring to add basic coaching skills to their personal leadership toolkit but who do not necessarily want to become full-time accredited coaches. The programme covers the basic aspects of coaching in the work context.  Modules cover areas relating to coaching theories and models, ethics, personal discovery, transformation and practical aspects relating to coaching skills.

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SSIMDP – Safety and Security Industry Management Development Programme

This MDP is designed to provide skills and knowledge for future business leaders in the Safety and Security Industry sector. Essentially after completing this programme, middle and functional managers should be able to manage and lead multi-disciplinary units in achieving organisational objectives.

B-BBEE MDP – Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Management Development Programme

The B-BBEE MDP is an initiative of the Department of Trade and Industry to a standardised national curriculum for the B-BBEE verification industry. This is a NQF level 7 qualification amounting to 60 credits. The programme is presented in a two-track format, namely fast and normal tracks. The target group for this programme is verification agencies, accountants, auditors, supply chain management practitioners in government and state-owned enterprises, and employers of entities being verified for B-BBEE compliance.

PSM – Programme in Strategic Marketing for non-marketing Executives

It is widely accepted that marketing is not the sole responsibility of managers in marketing departments anymore. All managers must
play a role in making marketing successful. The question is: “What role should different functional managers play?” This programme equips all managers to participate in the development and implementation of marketing strategies in a meaningful way.