University of Kwazulu Natal Bridging Courses

University of Kwazulu Natal Bridging Courses

About UKZN bridging courses
Foundation Physics
Certificate In Public Administration
Certificate in Business Administration
Mathematical Literacy Upgrade to Grade 12 Mathematics
Foundation Math
Frequently Asked Questions on UKZN bridging courses

Are these courses only for people wanting to obtain a degree?

No. There are various courses on offer. Some are aimed at helping post-matrics gain credits for degree courses. Others are aimed at helping employed people up-skill in order to get a promotion or move on to another position / field. Others are aimed at corporate groups who wish to invest in their workforce. View our courses currently on offer for more information.

I’ve just completed matric. Why should I take a short course?

If your mark for math (for example) isn’t high enough to get into the civil engineering degree course (for example), a short course could boost your final mark so that you do have the credits to get into the degree course.

What are short course certificates really worth?

All courses have been quality assessed and approved through a long process before they’re advertised. This means they’re accredited by the University so even if you’re not planning to enter a degree course, you’ll have a qualification that’s approved by this long-standing institution. Click here for more information.

I’d like to improve my skills but I work full-time. How do I fit it in?

Browse through the list of courses currently on offer otherwise contact us to find out when a particular course will be running.

I’ve just completed matric and want a qualification behind me but don’t necessarily

want to complete a degree. Will a short course still benefit me?

Yes. We offer courses that provide basic and more advanced skills that can be directly applied in the working world. These will help to make your entry into employment less daunting.

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