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The Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation, fondly referred to as the TuksRes Family, is a stand-alone business unit, with various management teams serving residence students.

With more than 9 000 students in our residence, the University of Pretoria is proud to be known as the largest residential university in South Africa.

The latest version of the TuksRes Guide, which is applicable to all UP students placed by TuksRes, can be viewed here.

About TuksRes

In October 2004, the Council of the University of Pretoria made an executive decision to streamline all the various functions related to residences under one business unit. This was to alleviate the various silos that existed all over campus and therefore the Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation (TuksRes) was born.The offices of TuksRes are situated at 90 Duxbury Road, Hatfield, Pretoria.


Vision: to offer an on-campus living environment that supports each student’s academic experience at the University of Pretoria.

Mission: to strive towards creating a community that fosters safety/security,
personal development/growth and the rendering of professional services.
We are furthermore committed to be responsive to the needs of all residents
and to be driven by the ideal of realising a better quality of student life in our residences.

As we live by our motto – Legaegae, Real Home – we strive to provide each
and every student with a living community they can call home.

Residences to choose from

Please select your residence according to the campus mentioned below.

Kindly take note of the following:

  • It is preferable that students who choose their study course on a particularcampus, select a residence on that campus, e.g. Education students select

    a residence on the Groenkloof Campus.

  • Students studying BSc (extended programme) will be placed at Tuks Naledi
  • Post-graduate residences are only located on the Hatfield Campus
  • Sonop and Hatfield Studios is not a university controlled residence

Our residences are scattered across five campuses:

Groenkloof (Faculty of Education)
Prinshof (Faculty of Health Sciences)
Private Accommodation
University Of Pretoria Accommodation Contact
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