University of Pretoria Bcom Law Admission Requirements

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University of Pretoria Bcom Law Admission Requirements

University of Pretoria Bcom Law Admission Requirements, Where the Dean allows such a limitation, the head of the department will, in consultation with the course leader, select students who otherwise comply with the admission requirements for an LLM coursework degree, according to the following guidelines:

  1. Academic performance in the undergraduate degree and relevant undergraduate degree module/s.
  2. Any academic qualifications other than the prescribed undergraduate degree.
  3. Relevant practical experience and training.
  4. Whether the relevant LLM is the applicant’s first choice.
  5. Where an admission examination is prescribed, the results of such examination may be considered in addition to the above criteria.
  6. Date on which a complete application was received.*

(Where applicants satisfy the criteria set out above, they will be accepted on the date of receipt of application in order of preference).

* Only comprehensive applications will be considered.  Incomplete applications will be set aside and  not considered until such time that a comprehensive application is received.

BCom Law at University of Pretoria
Course Description
Medium of Instruction: A/ECourse Content
Core modules (Compulsory)
Business Management
Financial Accounting(1)
Introduction to Law
Legal Skills
Law of Persons
Family Law
Law of Contract
Law of Succession
Law of Things
Law of Delict
Labour Law
Specific Contracts
Entrepreneurial Law
Insolvency Law

Elective modules
Business Management
Financial Management
Financial Accounting

Entry Requirements

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