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University of Pretoria Business School Short Courses

University of Pretoria Business School Short Courses, The University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) is a leading business school in the heart of Illovo, Johannesburg, close to the Sandton business hub. We offer academic programmes as well as a wide range of executive courses which can be custom-designed to suit specific company needs. GIBS is a faculty of the University of Pretoria.

Our core focus as a School is equipping general managers to start and run successful organisations in our African context. We believe the ability to lead and manage complex organisations in the volatile environment we face at this time is a key driver of African prosperity and growth. Over the years we have consistently focused on ensuring that any management education experience at GIBS, on any programme, be it a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree or a customised in-company programme, effects positive behavioural change through the acquisition of knowledge and changing mind sets. Impact is core to how GIBS programmes are designed, delivered and assessed, and students are equipped to take up the reins of leadership to successfully propel business forward in the context of a dynamic and changing world environment. We pride ourselves on producing leaders who can proactively manage cross-functional teams, who understand diversity, who appreciate the societal impact of business and who engender a sustainable approach. These leaders are agile, inclusive and global in their thinking and attitudes; but their roots are firmly in Africa.

Available Short Courses Include:

Coaching / Mentoring


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Corporate Governance & Risk

Dynamic Markets




General Management

Human Resources

Inclusive / New Markets



Marketing / Sales


Ops Management

Organisational Behaviour

Personal Effectiveness

Project Management

Social & Political Engagement


Sustainable Business

Training and development