Use of the Green Route


Use of the Green Route

30 May

The Green Route Project is one of numerous pro-active initiatives and professional services launched by the University in its attempt to provide and maintain a secure work and study environment for students and staff members. The Route makes specific provision for students and staff members to be accompanied to and from their residences and vehicles or direct surrounding places.

Please take note that this service is not done with vehicles but on foot and is an official service only.

Students are the lifeblood of the University and UP is committed to provide a stable and safe environment conducive to academic discourse and excellence.

Security officers from the Department of Security Services accompany students and staff members from 18:00 to 06:00 on a daily basis from the following points on the various campuses:

Hatfield Campus: In front of the Absa ATM next to the Merensky Library

Prinshof Campus: In front of the HW Snyman Building

Groenkloof Campus: Between the Administration Building and the Auditorium

Kalafong Campus: In front of the Klinikala Building

Students who do not have access to a telephone to call the 24 hour Operational Management Centre should go to the security official on duty at the gate of their respective residences to arrange for an escort.

The Onderstepoort and the Mamelodi Campuses do not have specific points from where the escorts are done and the 24-hour Operational Management Centre can be contacted at 012 420 2310/2760 to arrange for an escort. The escorts at these two campuses are done by personnel from the Department of Security Services.

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Any additional arrangements can be made with the 24-hour Operational Management Centre.

Any enquiries relating to the service can be directed to the 24-hour Operational Management Centre or the 24-hour UP Operational Manager at 083 654 0476.

Staff and students are encouraged to make use of this service and taking collective responsibility for their own safety.

– Author Department of Security Services

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