What is allergic rhinitis full symptoms?

Allergic rhinitis can present a range of symptoms, which can vary in severity and duration. The symptoms of allergic rhinitis include:

  1. Sneezing: Frequent and repetitive sneezing, often accompanied by an itchy or runny nose.
  2. Runny or congested nose: Nasal congestion, also known as a stuffy nose, can occur due to inflammation and increased mucus production. The nasal discharge is typically clear and thin.
  3. Itchy nose, throat, or eyes: Many individuals with allergic rhinitis experience itchiness in the nasal passages, throat, or eyes. This itching sensation can be persistent and bothersome.
  4. Watery eyes: Excessive tearing and watery eyes are common symptoms of allergic rhinitis. This can be accompanied by redness and itching of the eyes.
  5. Coughing: A dry, persistent cough may occur as a result of post-nasal drip, where excess mucus drips down the back of the throat.
  6. Fatigue: Allergic rhinitis can cause fatigue or tiredness, particularly if the symptoms are chronic or severe.
  7. Headache: Some individuals with allergic rhinitis may experience headaches, typically due to congestion and sinus pressure.

It’s important to note that allergic rhinitis symptoms can significantly impact daily activities, sleep quality, and overall quality of life. In some cases, untreated or uncontrolled allergic rhinitis can lead to complications such as sinusitis or ear infections.

If you suspect that you have allergic rhinitis, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management of your symptoms. They can help determine the specific triggers and recommend effective treatment options to alleviate your symptoms.

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