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The course provides a solid foundation of entrepreneurship knowledge and emphasises the entrepreneurial process as a way of building entrepreneurial skills in a start-up context. Real case material unites entrepreneurship theory and practice. The course is designed to provide a thorough introduction to the theoretical and practical issues associated with entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurial process is navigated both conceptually and practically to provide an integrated approach to new venture creation. Candidates will also be able to identify sources of entrepreneurial finance, assess the relevance of the practice of entrepreneurship to firms and society, and illustrate key ideas of entrepreneurship with reference to empirical case studies on entrepreneurship. Finally, the course allows for candidates to rigorously analyse the potential of a new business opportunity.
Corporate “Intrapreneurship” 
The course identifies entrepreneurial behaviour in big business, and explores ways to facilitate and sustain intrapreneurship in larger, more established firms. The course is designed to provide a thorough introduction to issues associated with corporate entrepreneurship at the firm level in a range of organisational contexts. Critical appreciation of the current debates on ‘intrapreneurship’ as well as research evidence on the application of entrepreneurial orientation, corporate strategy and corporate venturing are explored.
Admission Requirements

  • First degree and post-graduate studies (preferably an honours degree, but a first-class Bachelor’s degree together with any recognised and accredited post-graduate degree or diploma from any discipline is recognised).
  • Post-university entrepreneurial or corporate or informal business experience –an advantage, but not a requirement.
  • Acceptable WBS psychometric test score and interviews where necessary.
  • Mathematics and English – a level of above average competence equivalent to the requirements of the SA Matriculation certificate is advisable.
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How to Apply?
This section contains important information – please read carefully. All information was correct at the time of writing but may change without notice. WBS reserves the right to amend its schedule as required. Applications to the MMENVC are processed through the Student Enrolment Centre. Enquiries regarding the status of your application may be addressed to the Wits Business School Academic Enquiries Office on telephone number (011) 717 3629.
WBS reserves the right to change its schedule as required. Late applications will be scheduled for the following year of study. The Wits Business School Academic Enquiries Office is unable to obtain missing documents on an applicant’s behalf.
Admission process
Please ensure that all information uploaded is correct and that you have included everything required on the checklist. In order to be considered by the Admissions Committee, your application form and the other required documentation (including the transcript and other supporting documents) must reach the Student Enrolment Centre before the stated closing date for all academic programmes.
Academic Transcript
Information is given in the General Information booklet but please note: Wits undergraduates do not need to submit a transcript. Graduates from other universities must submit an original or certified copy of their academic transcript. The transcript must include a complete list of all subjects taken for a degree, including any courses that were failed. A degree certificate is NOT a transcript.
January Intake now open and close on 31 October 2024
Checklist for application

  • Letter of motivation
  • Certified copy of matric certificate
  • Certified copy of all academic transcripts
  • SAQA evaluation certificate (students whose prior degrees were not awarded by a South African University) Foreign students are advised to follow up on SAQA accreditation without delay as the process can take up to three months to finalise.
  • Proof of English language proficiency (students who have not studied at tertiary level in English)
  • WBS psychometric tests
  • The non-refundable application fee of R200.
  • Complete the on-line application form here
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Applicants must have sat for the Wits Business School Admission Test. Applicants who have written the Admission Test within the past two years and applicants who are registered test users, may apply for exemption from writing the tests. Applicants are requested to read the information on the website  with care. For all Psychometric enquiries please contact Kathy Cannell, telephone (011) 717-3130 or for any points that are not fully understood.
Please note: WBS processes applications for admissions on a continuous basis in the order of receipt thereof.
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Programme Manager:  Meisie Moya
Tel: 011 717 3629
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