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The Future Depends On The Choices We Make Today 
Boston City Campus knows that selecting the right path for your future is no easy task, and in offering an extensive selection of degrees, diplomas and college courses – there are more than 80 study options available – it will also help prospective students make that decision.   
At Boston there are just so many study options available, covering tertiary studies in Media and Multimedia Studies, Information Technology, Marketing & Sales, Tourism, Accounting, Hospitality and HR Management Courses, to name but a few.
The good news however is that from the moment you choose Boston there will be continuous guidance and support available to you.  It all starts by using a computerised assessment tool (Career Compass Assessment) through which qualified career counsellors hone in on one’s interests, passions and skills, thereby allowing them to help you decide which the best option is.
Many students may start off by having made a determined yet hasty and uneducated career decision –  and then regretting it later.  Boston is available to assist all students – matriculants, existing students and working people –   to make a well-informed career decision.  There’s also so much on offer in the career market place, which can make it all the more daunting for those not yet sure which career path they want to take.  Come in – we would love to chat with you!
Get your dreams started with Boston!

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