UL Languages and Communication Studies Courses

UL Languages and Communication Studies Courses

Bachelor of Arts – BAAG01 [BA (Languages)]
BAAF01 [BA (Translation Studies & Linguistics)]
BAAE01 [BA (Performing Arts)]
Bachelor of Arts – BAE01 [BACEMS (Contemporary English
Language] Studies and Multilingual Studies)]
Bachelor of Arts – BCS01 [BACOMM (Communication Studies)]
Bachelor of Arts – BMEA01 [BAMDST (Media Studies)] and
BMEB01 [BA Media Studies Extended Curriculum]
Bachelor of Information Studies – BIS01 [BINF]
Postgradate Diploma in Information
Studies PIN01 [HDINF]
BA Honours – HBAA01 (English)
HBAB01 (Tshivenda)
HBAC01 (Xitsonga)
HBAD01 (Northern Sotho)
HBAE01 (Language Studies)
HBAF01 (Media Studies)
HBAG01 (Translation and Linguistics)
HBAH01 (Communication Studies)
B Information Studies HIS01 (Information Studies)
MA – MAE01 (English Studies)
MAL01 (African Languages) – Coursework
MAT01 (Translation Studies and Linguistics)
MIS01 (Information Studies)
MAENST (English Studies) Coursework
MATRLI (Translation Studies and Linguistics) –
M Inf – MINF (Information Studies)
MA – MAMDST (Media Studies)
MA – MA (Languages by research)
PhD – Doctorates


HACT011 Introduction to Acting
HACT012 Introduction to Acting
HACA021 Intermediate Acting
HACA022 Intermediate Acting
HACA031 Advanced Acting
HACA032 Advanced Acting

HAFB190 Morphology
HAFC190 Semantics
HAFD190 Modern Prose
HAFE190 Poetry
HAFF190 Sociolinguistics
HAFA090 Mini-dissertation
HAFG190 Translation
HCEL011 English in Context
HCEL012 A discoursal approach to English sentence analysis
HCEA021 Critical language awareness: the global spread of English
HCEA022 Language and literacy learning in a multilingual context
HCEA031 Bilingual and Multilingual Education
HCEA032 Language and Cognition

HCOM011 Communication Skills
HCOM012 Contexts of Communication
HCOA021 Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
HCOB021 Intercultural Communication
HCOA022 Organisational Communication
HCOB022 Persuasive Communication
HCOA031 Integrated Marketing Communication
HCOB031 Health Communication
HCOA032 Corporate Communication
HCOB032 Events Management
HCOCO31 Government Communication
HCOA032 Theory Communication Research
HCOB080 Communication Theory
HCOA080 Communication Research
HCOD080 Advertising Management
HCOE080 Digital Communication
HCOF080 Government and State Communication
HCOG080 Intercultural Communication
HCOG080 Strategic Organizational and Corporate Communication

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HENB011 English Language Skills for the Professions
HENB012 English Academic Writing Skills for the Professions
HENA011 Introduction to English Language and African Literature in English
HENA012 Introduction to Western Literature and more about the English
HENA021 Introduction to Criticism of Literature I and Language
HENA022 Introduction to Criticism of Literature II and Language
HENA031 English Grammar and Literature
HENA032 Stylistics and Modern Western Literature
HENB080 Poetics, Modern Literary Theory and Criticism
HENC080 African Literature in English
HEND080 The twentieth century: 1900 to the present
HENE080 South African Literature
HENG080 English Second Language in Education
HENH080 English in Society
HENF080 Second Language Acquisition
HENI080 English in Communication
HENJ080 Outline of English Grammar
HENA080 Research Methods in English studies
HEEA190 Critical Theory
HEEB190 The Literary Voice of Africa
HEEC190 South African Literary Expression
HEED190 Gender Studies: Women and Literature
HEEE190 Topics in Western Literature
ENGL821 Research Methods in English and Applied Linguistics
ENGL826 English in Africa
ENGL827 English Second Language Acquisition
ENGL828 Issues in Language Education
ENGL830 Special Topics in English Language Studies
HEEA090 Mini-dissertation
HINF011 Introduction to Information Technologies
HINF012 Management of Libraries and Information Centres
HINA021 Information Society: Issues and Trends
HINB021 Information Users and Use
HINA022 Information and Knowledge Management
HINB022 Organisation of Information Sources
HINB031 Management and Administration of LIS
HINA031Organisation of Knowledge
HINA031 Advanced Organisation of Knowledge
HINB032 Introduction to LIS Research
HINA041 Information Systems and Networks
HINB041 Records and Document Management
HINC042 Practicum
HINR042 Research Project (LIS)
HINSA01 User Services and Marketing in LIS
HINSA02 Libraries and Collection Management
HINSB01 Information Management and Databases
HINSB02 Indexing and Abstracting Services
HINSC01 Cataloguing and Classification
HINSC02I Information Systems Management and Automation
HINSD01 Management and Administration of LIS
HINSD02 Research in LIS
HINSE01 Information Society and Development
HINSE02 LIS Fieldwork
HINSD02 LIS Research Project
HINB080 Theories of Libraries and Information Studies
HINC080 Fundamentals of LIS Management
HINA080 Research
HIND080 Philosophical Issues in LIS
HINE080 Information Systems
HMDS011 Introduction to Media and Society, Print Media and Mass Media Theory
HMDS012 Introduction to Media Ethics, Radio Broadcasting and Writing for the
HMDA021 Media Law and Ethics, Mass Media Theories
HMDB021 Language in the Media and Gender Studies
HMDA022 Community Media Studies, New Media
HMDB022 Introduction to Broadcast News
HMDA031 Corporate Journalism, Advertising
HMDB031 Film and Television Studies + Practicum
HMDC031 Global Media
HMDD032 Investigative Journalism
HMDB032 Print Journalism
HMDA032 Radio Production And Practicum
HMDB080 Media Theories and Law
HMDC080 New Media and Society
HMDD080 Print Journalism and Practicum
HMDE080 Broadcasting Studies and Practicum
HMDA080 Research in Media Studies
HMUS011 Introduction to Multilingualism (Matseno a Malemeleme)
HMUS012 Spoken Communication in a Multilingual Society (Kgokagano ka
go bolela setšhabeng)
HMUA021 A Multilingual Approach to Text and Genre (Mokgwa wa Malemeleme go
Text le Genre)
HMUA022 Bokgoni bja go bala le go ngwala mešomong ka tsela ya bolementši
(work place literacies: a multilingual approach)
HMUA031 Ditirelo tša Bolementši ka Afrika Borwa (Multilingual Services in South
HMUA032 Go nyakišiša bomalementši (Researching multilingualism)
HNSO011 Introduction to Northern Sotho Linguistics
HNSO012 Introduction to Northern Sotho Literature and Culture
HNSA021 Northern Sotho Linguistics
HNSA022 Northern Sotho Literature and Culture
HNSA031 Advanced Northern Sotho Linguistics
HNSA032 Advanced Northern Literature and Culture
HNSB080 Northern Sotho Phonology
HNSC080 Northern Sotho Language and Linguistics
HNSD080 Northern Sotho Modern Literature
HNSE080 Northern Sotho Oral Literature
HNSA080 Research
HTRL101 The Nature and Structure of Language
HTRL102 Knowledge of Language and Translation
HTRA021 Lexicography and Language Structure
HTRA022 Language Typology, Variation and Translation
HTRA031 Generative Grammar and Psycholinguistics
HTRA32 Sociolinguistics and Language Translation
HTRB080 Psycholinguistics
HTRC080 Lexicography
HTRD080 Translation Theory
HTRF080 Translation Practice
HTRE080 Interpreting Theory
HTRA080 Interpreting Practice
HTRA080 Research Methodology
HTRA191 General Syntax
HTRB191 Advanced Psycholinguistics
HTRC191 Language Policy and Planning
HTRD191 Semantics and Pragmatics
HTRE191 Advanced translation
HTRF191 Advanced Interpreting
HTRA012 Mini-dissertation
HTSON011 Introduction to Xitsonga Linguistics
HTSON012 Introduction to Xitsonga Literature and culture
HTSA021 Xitsonga Linguistics
HTSA022 Xitsonga Literature and Culture
HTSA031 Advanced Xitsonga Linguistics
HTSA033 Advanced Xitsonga Literature and Culture
HTSB080 Language
HTSC080 Sociolinguistics
HTSD080 Traditional Literature
HTSE080 Modern Literature
HTSA080 Research

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HVEN011 Introduction to Tshivenda Linguistics
HVEN012 Introduction to Tshivenda Literature and culture
HVEA021 Tshivenda Linguistics
HVEA022 Tshivenda Literature and Culture
HVEA031 Advanced Tshivenda Linguistics
HVEA032 Advanced Tshivenda Literature and Culture
HVEB080 Tshivenda Linguistics
HVEC080 Tshivenda Oral Literature
HVED080 Semantics
HVEE080 Tshivenda Modern Literature
HVEA080 Research Paper


HWRI011 Introduction to Writing for Performance
HWRI012 Introduction to Writing for Performance
HWRA021 Writing for Performance
HWRA022 Writing for Performance
HWRA031 Advanced Writing for Performance
HWRA032 Advanced Writing for Performance