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Varsity College IIE Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication

Varsity College IIE Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication, Introduction to IIE Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication
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The IIE Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication will provide an articulation route for graduates holding a relevant Bachelor of Arts degree or equivalent qualification with Communication Studies up to NQF level 7. In line with industry demand, this degree will equip students with deeper insight into and proficiency in some of the core fields in the communication discipline and guide them in applying such knowledge in a particular context.
Due to the fact that communication encompasses such a broad spectrum of themes in inter-disciplinary areas, and since it plays a major role in many sectors such as government departments, businesses, healthcare, media institutions, information technology, non-governmental organisations and in private practice, it is essential to provide a qualification that enables candidates to acquire advanced skills, competencies and knowledge in communication practice. Communication is fundamental on so many levels that it is vital to develop graduates who have mastered its mechanisms. The command of communication mechanisms will enable graduates to become communication professionals who are equipped to deal with evolving challenges in global, cultural, political and business environments. Since communication is the driving force for innovation and progress, dynamic and professionally sound leadership skills need to be incorporated into the development of communication professionals who will apply these skills to the successful execution of corporate strategies. Communication studies also provides graduates with important personal insights into the world that can broaden their horizons, and enhance skills development valuable to all employers such as team work, critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills, as well as strong writing and presentation skills. This communication qualification is also designed to enable candidates to pursue further personal and professional development, and to promote life-long learning.
The qualification thus builds on a broad knowledge base of communication that students acquired at undergraduate level, whilst consolidating and deepening students’ insight and expertise in some of the core fields of the communication discipline; thereby, extending their knowledge of communication theory, strategic communication and leadership, contemporary communication practices, critical studies and research methodology, as applied to business contexts. The IIE Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication degree will therefore produce qualified, competent communication professionals and leaders who are able to think critically, strategically and creatively and who are able to solve communication-related problems in business contexts in innovative ways.
Through the development of key communication-related skills and competencies, graduates will be prepared to take up positions in a variety of business and communication-related sectors. This qualification will further prepare graduates to continue their communication studies at NQF level 9 as a result of the strong emphasis placed on the development of advanced research skills.

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What is this Degree’s accreditation status?

The IIE’s Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication degree is accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and is registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) as a 120-credit qualification on level 8.

Who is the Honours degree aimed at?

This IIE BA Honours in Communication degree is aimed at graduate students with an interest in furthering their knowledge in the communication field.
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